7 natural any-cancer fighters that doctors do not want to talk about

Turmeric – also known as a safflower, has strong detoxifying properties.
kurkuma i pieprz The properties of this wonderful plant are still being discovered, read more in my blog post – – Kurkuma przyprawa na wagę złota.

Hemp Seed Oil – for thousands of years hemp seed oil has been associated with the antimutagenic action that prevents genetic damage thanks to its free radicals and/or radiation.

Mushrooms Reishi – in China called “mushrooms of immortality”. Do not look up for them in a supermarket, most likely you will find them in healthy stories. For over two millennia, Reishi mushrooms have been used in the Far East to successfully treat numerous of diseases. Reishi contribute to lowering blood pressure, improving nervous system function and endurance!

Melatonin, the free radical scavenger, has 200% more antioxidants than vitamin E, and combats free radicals associated with diseases, cardiovascular and cancer.

Spring water – so often we just choosing an easy route by going to nearest chemistry and buying supplements hoping for miraculous.20150503 water

Water is not only a source of minerals but also removes toxins and maintains healthy PH of our body. The acidy environment is often a cause of many diseases including cancer. Drinking water restores natural PH environment helping to alkalize our bodies much quicker. It has been already proven that in alkalize body cancer cannot survive. Read more how to choose the right water in the post: Water – cheapest remedy at your fingertips: Woda – najtańsze remedium w zasięgu ręki

Bicarbonate – cheapest remedy available in most stores! Is not it a paradox? Ordinary bicarbonate is a great remedy that can easily clean a body and restore the alkaline environment. Just sprinkle a teaspoon of soda in a glass of water and drink once a day. Find out how bicarbonate can be leverage on your daily basis Soda oczyszczona uniwersalnym środkiem na wszystko

Garlic – has over 200 biologically active ingredients and an enzyme that stops the tide of mutated cells. To find out its wonderful properties go to my post: Garlic stronger than penicillinuZbawienny czosnek silniejszy od leków

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