How I will help you

How I will help you

In Nature Without Limit clinic we believe in power of nature. Instead of treating symptoms I always try to find out the root cause of disease and gently restore body to its natural settings.

I don’t look at body as separate systems but as a whole. In order to be able to empower your body to restore its health, I go through detailed assessment of your physical, mental and emotional state.

Ayurvedic consultation online consultation

A 90 minute, in-depth consultation covering health concerns, diet, lifestyle, physiology, mental and emotional well-being and energy levels. After in depth assessment you will be given detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations and a tailor-made herbal prescription if needed.

An in-depth consultation is duration is 75 minutes (remaining 15 minutes is used by consultant to prepare prescription and and wellbeing plan) .

Follow up consultation

A 30 – 60 minute follow-up.

The call is an opportunity to check progress of wellbeing plan, apply any changes if necessary.

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