5 tips to improve your health instantly

Have you ever wondered why we often hear two words about eating interchangeably? Namely, “food consumption” and ” nourishment”, are they just synonyms? Well, food consumption covers a broad spectrum […]

Yerba mate gods drink, endless health benefits

I came across Yerba mate by accident and after trying it, I immediately became fascinated not only with its miraculous properties on our health, but also with the fascinating history […]

Eco friendly tips for everyday life

I believe that if we want to change something we need to initiate the changes by ourselves first. The eco-friendly tips included below I have been introducing in my household […]

A real cost of a coffee cup

A few years ago, when I got my dream job in a fast paced international company I was very proud to belong to the world where everything is changing rapidly […]

The Indian youth soup recipe

When I tried this recipe for the first time, I imagined being on the Indian coast, sitting in the warmth, watching people carefree walking on the beach, small children scratching […]

Turmeric, the golden spice that restores vitality

If someone asked me which spice could I not live without? Without hesitation my answer would be turmeric. I remember the day many years ago when I came across an […]

Easy and nutritious lentil, chickpea soup

I used to think that making soups is time consuming and require many ingredients. Thank God my son proved me wrong! When you have a little one you do whatever […]

Foods to fight anxiety and depression

It has been a long time since I last posted. It’s not easy sometimes to juggle daily activities with a little toddler constantly hungry to discover the world. The last […]

Commercial almond milk is a scam

Have you ever wondered how many almonds there are in almond milk? At present, the trend of traditional cow’s milk for plant based milk is intensively increasing. I personally enjoy […]

What harms our precious immune system

Today, in these strange times, more than ever we can see how our health is so fragile and precious. We tend to take for granted how hard our bodies have […]

How to prepare a homemade antibacterial gel?

The effects of the coronavirus can be seen in almost every supermarket. Just a few days ago, in the queue to the cash registers, people loaded the baskets with toilet […]

What diet does to your skin

How many times have we done it? Cream, mask, hoping to wake up in the morning with a beautiful, glowing face but instead, you see reddened cheeks, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores […]

How to Heal Eczema in 10 days

The most common cause of eczema is stress, allergies, chemical irritants and some food additives and preservatives. If you have eczema, your skin is most likely producing less fats and […]

5 essential natural products for your new-born

In the times when we are constantly bombarded with ads every day, it may be very challenging for new parents to decide what is best for their new-born. I have […]


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