Nature without Limits

Nature without Limits

Natural medicine, nutrition and lifestyle

Ayurveda Practice

Nature without Limits helps to restore your body and mind to its natural settings with profound long-lasting effect.

To achieve best results, I apply fundamental principles of Ayurveda – the most accurate ancient form of nature-based medical system with the right diet and lifestyle. The consultation is a unique opportunity to unfold the cause of your problems and treat the root cause, not only symptoms.

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About Me

I am in love with natural and holistic ways of healing the body and mind. As a fully qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant, graduated with distinction from Ayurveda Institute UK and MA at London Metropolitan University, I combine the treasuries of Ayurvedic knowledge with modern science.
In my practice I look at the patient as a whole, I always aim to find and work with the root cause of the disease, not only the symptoms. My journey to discover how to restore health began very early in my life. I was in my twenties when I encountered cancer, which cruelly took the people of my life dear to me. Since then, I started to explore natural ways to protect and take care of the body so that it can serve us as long as possible.
After spending several years working for multinational corporations, I watched how easy it is to lose health if we do not know how to look after ourselves and maintain our protective mechanism. Now I feel extremely privilege to be able to share my knowledge and help others.
Privately I love spending time with my family, my beautiful toddler Charlie who keeps me fit and encourages me to create fast and healthy nutritious meals every day.

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