5 tips to improve your health instantly

Have you ever wondered why we often hear two words about eating interchangeably? Namely, “food consumption” and ” nourishment”, are they just synonyms?

Well, food consumption covers a broad spectrum of providing our body with often poor quality food, ranging from processed foods, saturated fats, ending with products containing carcinogens and toxins.

Eating food is, in short, consuming products to satisfy hunger, for social or emotional purposes, e.g. eating chocolates when we have a hard day. Nourishment, on the other hand, consists in consciously providing our body with the necessary products that help our body enjoy full health, regenerate cells and slow down the ageing process.

To enjoy energy and well-being. It is very important that we stop treating our body like a garbage bag, into which you can carelessly throw everything in the hope that somehow it will break down into parts in the future. Every organism is a walking miracle, literally! If you ever have any difficult moments and struggle with self-esteem, I urge you to watch short videos of how the human body works. I guarantee that you will immediately change your mind and look at yourself with a milder eye.

We operate on a daily basis, our habits shape each day and they most often determine our health. Let’s take a look at 5 habits that accompany us every day and decide how our body regenerates and heals.

Drinking water

The weight of an adult human is 60-70 percent from water, which is why drinking water and moisturising our body should be a priority in keeping our body healthy.

Let’s not wait until our mouth is dry, because this is a signal that our body has been struggling with dehydration for a long time. It is best to drink water in small sips, 2 liters during the day. I encourage you to do a 2-week challenge in which you will drink 2 liters of water every day. Take a picture of the first and last day, you will see incredible results, your facial skin will become more hydrated and wrinkles will be diminished.

Drinking coffee in the morning

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine starting a day without fresh black coffee. I have also belonged to this group for a few more months. Everything changed when I began to observe how this morning “little black dress” affects my body. The first few minutes are a boost of energy, but after a while my body felt very tired.

Caffeine in the morning is a warning sign for the body! When we feel an energy boost, there is panic inside our bodies which need to mobilise all forces to eliminate caffeine as quickly as possible. The Effect? The body uses alot of energy to balance this and that is why after a few minutes we feel tired. A healthy alternative is green tea, which not only cleanses the body, but has 7 times more caffeine than coffee.

Frequent consumption of sugar

Prof. Serge Ahmed, a neuroscientist at the University of Bordeaux and one of the world’s leading experts in drug addiction, calls on sugar to act as a drug. This opinion is based on an experiment carried out on mice in which it shows a strong possibility of addiction for these animals to sugar. Sugar is literally everywhere, even in products that you would not expect, such as natural yoghurts and bread!

Therefore, read the labels and do not succumb to the marketing machinery when you see the words “bio”, “organic”, “natural” on the packaging. Ready-made products for children are a real massacre, some of them can contain up to 40% sugar. If you see on the label that the sugar in the composition is one of the first positions, don’t be tempted! Put it aside because it is not worth littering your body, respect yourself and your health. On my blog, read: Tasty substitutes that will reduce sugar intake in your daily diet (naturabezlimitow.com)

Not reading ingredient labels

As I mentioned earlier, start eating consciously. Before you put something in the basket, take a look at what is really in the the product. The simplest rule: if something seems incomprehensible, such as phosphates, various types of
numbers with the letter E or artificial dyes, do not buy it. Think you are paying someone to make chemicals to eat. Checking labels may seem time consuming at first, but over time you will become so experienced that you can take a peek and automatically know if the product is healthy. Eating before bedtime.

Eating before bedtime

Our body is most active in the morning until noon, which is why it is so important to eat the largest meals during the day and reduce food in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, working hours have become longer nowadays and most often a large family meal in English homes is eaten between 6 pm and 7 pm, which is much too late. In our culture, lunch is usually between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and this is the best time. Our body gets an energy boost for the rest of the day, and in the evening it goes into the regeneration and renewal phase.

Eating heavy foods in the evening does not give our body a chance to regenerate. Our body is forced to deal with the digestive process and that is why many people suffer from insomnia, the body is agitated and does not receive signals that it is time to rest.

Try to make these small changes in your life for 21 days, it may seem like a long time, but that’s what our brain needs as a habit. After this time, drinking 2 liters of water or checking the ingredients on the label will be easy for you. In return, your body will strengthen itself and gain new vitality.

Have healthy tip that you would like to share? I would love to hear from you.

One response to “5 tips to improve your health instantly”

  1. I have given up; caffeine a long time ago and never been happier. Together with energy drinks it was the cause of stomach ulcers. So I am happy you also came to this conclusion as I saw in your previous blog your fascination with coffee… However, I do not agree that we need as much as 2 litres of water, especially during winter months. The most beneficial for me is the sugar free diet and I also include the added sugar which is nearly everywhere these days. I also tried intermittent fasting and the results were amazing. Just have your dinner at 8am and early lunch at 12 pm. Skipping breakfast is something I did always when in high school and was the fittest person ever then my habits changed and put on lots of weight.


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