Eco friendly tips for everyday life

I believe that if we want to change something we need to initiate the changes by ourselves first.

The eco-friendly tips included below I have been introducing in my household gradually for months. I must say I have become addicted to finding the new ways to be more eco-friendly.  Once you start to make small changes I get a feeling of great achievement knowing that my rational choices can help the environment. I am very curious to find out the ways that you have found to be greener in your household, please share them with us in the comment section.


Keep small folding reusable bag in your bag or pocket. I always try to have two bags when I am going out shopping just in case something extra will land in my basket.

Switch plastic packaging to cartons or consider re-fill

Instead of buying washing powder in plastic packaging I always use large 10KG package in cartons.

It’s fantastic to see eco-friendly refills option available in Waitrose. Annoyingly, they still work out more expensive than non eco products however there are benefits of not using harsh chemicals.

Buy in large packs of every day stuff

If you can’t get refills consider buying big bottles of washing up liquid. Instead of buying 10 small ones, you can buy one large and keep refilling a small one.

Find the grocery shop near you

Try not to buy veggie and fruits in packaging, even in the supermarkets there are free alternatives. Best to support a local veggie shop but I am aware that in some locations having a local grocery shop is a luxury.

Think before you drink

It takes 500 years to recycle 1 plastic bottle

Madness, we purchase a mineral water thinking it is good for us and at the same we are we are forced to litter a planet that will have to deal with the rubbish for hundreds of years. I try to avoid buying water in plastic bottles as much as I can. At home I use jug with filter.

Drinking in non-reusable cap is no longer cool!

I have dedicated the whole post to this topic, please have a look, it may surprise you what is a real cost of a coffee cup that you are paying for.


Body wash

Say no to body wash liquids that are packed with chemicals locked in plastic bottles. I have been using soaps with very simple ingredients for years. Not only are they smell divine but also they make me feel closer to nature every time I touch my skin with natural flowers and herbs included in the natural soap bars.

Cotton pads are not recyclable

Make up pads – cotton pads look pretty innocent but in fact can’t be recycled. Considering the fact that almost every household use them, it’s absolutely terrifying to imagine how devastating they are to the environment. The washable alternatives are as good as disposable, try to purchase several of them and wash with your washing.

These are some of my tips that I have been preaching at my households, have you been doing the same things? Or do you have more ideas that you could share?

I would love to hear from you!

5 responses to “Eco friendly tips for everyday life”

  1. Wonderful is eco-friendly tips for daily life! Thank you 😊


    1. Anna Szlejter Avatar

      Many thanks for your kind words, do you have any that you could share?


  2. allotmentpainter Avatar

    Really good article, Anna, well done, Joan


    1. Anna Szlejter Avatar

      Thank you Joan


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