How to prepare a homemade antibacterial gel?

The effects of the coronavirus can be seen in almost every supermarket. Just a few days ago, in the queue to the cash registers, people loaded the baskets with toilet paper and various antibacterial agents. As of today, finding antibacterial agents in England is almost a miracle. There is really no reason to panic, because the antibacterial fluid can easily be made at home in just a few minutes. Homemade antibacterial gel (disinfectant liquid) kills almost all germs (bacteria, fungi, viruses) on the body or the surface on which it will be used, e.g. on door handles, kitchen surfaces, etc. Unfortunately, the alcohol contained in the preparation can strongly dry the skin.

Before starting to combine the ingredient, stock up well with a dispenser bottle, preferably with used washing liquid with dispenser. If we want to have such a gel at hand, you can usually use a small bottle, e.g. a flight pack.

The simplest recipe for home disinfectant should contain antibacterial oils and alcohol.


• alcohol/ salicylic spirit;
• lavender oil;
• tea tree oil;
• aloe vera gel – has anti-bacteria properties and gives the liquid a gel consistency


The prepared bottle should be filled to 1/4 or 1/3 capacity with spirit, add 10-15 drops of each oil, and then fill the container with aloe vera gel. The whole should be mixed thoroughly and also shaken before each use. The ingredients can also be combined in another dish and then poured into a bottle.

Such a liquid is a great solution not only when the shelves are empty, it is a good solution to stop buying products in plastic bottles and use natural friendly product for
everyday use.

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