What diet does to your skin

How many times have we done it? Cream, mask, hoping to wake up in the morning with a beautiful, glowing face but instead, you see reddened cheeks, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores …
No cream here will help, I know it myself because it took me a long time to make a conscious decision to determine what is causing imperfections on the face. And here the answer is simple – many people experience skin problems due to bad diet habits.
Dr. Nigma Talib specialist. skincare and naturopath the author of the book “How to reverse the signs of aging,” explains in simple terms why the theory of food and drink consumed directly affect the appearance of our face. This theory defines the four main causes that it calls “face of gluten”, “face of sugar”, “face of wine” and “face of milk”.
Eating cereal for breakfast, eating bread or pasta for dinner is the cause of some people swelling or bloating, and fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be caused by drinking 1-2 glasses of wine.
If the body does not tolerate cheese or cream sauces, even small amounts of these products will cause dark circles under the eyes.
“Face Mapping” was used thousands of years ago in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is through this that Dr. Talib is able to tell its patients what foods are causing their problem.
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Skin aging, hormonal and chemical changes are largely due to excessive consumption of foods and beverages that are not absorbed by our body. Let us remember that each of us is different. Some may eat a huge steak and then still dessert, and others will unfortunately get it both internally and externally.
Particularly harmful food groups include alcohol, sugar, dairy and gluten. These foods are the cause of many signs of skin aging, wrinkles, soreness, swelling, color changes or stains.

 What your face says about you

Face of Sugar
Symptoms: gray skin tone or wrinkled appearance of the face, the skin under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.
In the afternoon when we feel tired we reach for sweets. And that unfortunately has a fatal consequence. Sugar reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes wrinkles on the forehead.
How to fix it:
You have to completely eliminate the consumption of processed sugar in your daily diet. For many people, it can be a challenge but soon you will find that it was worth it !!!
After 20 days you will notice an improvement in skin quality. Refined sugar turns natural in the form of honey, dates or other fruits.
Face of wine
Symptoms: deep nasopharyngeal folds, reddened cheeks, and nose, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, the reddened skin under the eyes.
“Wine” appears in people who consume an excessive amount of alcohol or who simply do not tolerate it. This skin loses elasticity and is constantly dehydrated.
How to fix it:
Avoid alcohol for 20 days and you will see that the quality of the skin will improve quickly.
Gluten face
Symptoms: the area around the chin, dark pigmentation spots and puffy red cheeks.
The most obvious signs of gluten intolerance are dark discolorations or spots around the genitals.

How to fix it:
If you notice that gluten is a problem you have to completely eliminate it from your diet. Eat plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water.
Milky face
Symptoms: swollen chin, small white patches, dark edema and circles under eyes, swollen eyelids.
With age, people increasingly lose the ability to properly digest milk. Adults should completely eliminate milk from your diet, most of which cause the body process tanks and various types of inflammation. Milk may also be a reason for hormonal imbalance the system and your body simply manifest this disorder acne around the chin.
How to fix it:
You should eliminate dairy products from your diet within 20 days if you notice that your body does not tolerate these products. You should analyze any changes in energy levels, digestion and skin complexion.
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