5 essential natural products for your new-born

In the times when we are constantly bombarded with ads every day, it may be very challenging for new parents to decide what is best for their new-born.

I have listed below some of the products that have worked for us in the first few months.

When my son was born it was vital for me to stay away from harsh chemicals. In the first few weeks his skin on his scalp was very dry and in addition he has struggled with eczema. The cream recommended by our GP made things worse, it was heart-breaking seeing him crying after having a bath or changing clothes. When I looked closely at the ingredients of prescribed cream I was seriously concerned how products with so many chemicals can be prescribed for a new-born.

I decided not to risk it anymore but asked experienced Mums how they tackled these products with their little ones. There is no magic answer or products that will definitely work for every baby but I believe that if you manage to stay to nature as close as possible, your baby will benefit from its goodness.

Below I listed some of the products that have worked for us:

Dry scalp – Coconut Oil did its magic

One of my friends, an experience mum of two lovely boys recommended applying coconut oil on his dry skin and eyebrows. I didn’t have to wait long to see results, my little boy’s skin condition improve within a few days.

Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

Eczema – Burt’s Bees Baby

In addition to coconut oil I also use Burt’s Bees Baby lotion which I applied several times during the day. I am still using this product as it has 99% natural content, fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any nasties.

Colic and wind relief – asafoetida

Asafoetida, a powerful spice extracted from a plant of the giant fennel family frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. It has a prominent place in traditional medicine and thanks to its carminative, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative and diuretic properties is often referred to as the Food of the Gods.

My friend Tjasa advised to use a table spoon of asafoetida and dissolve it in either water or oil to make a paste.  Rubbed directly on the baby’s navel and repeat after a few minutes. The results should be noticeable within 10 mins

Nappy rush – Burt’s Bees Baby cream & M&Y  Mum&You natural wipes

The cream from Burn Bee’s Baby helped us to heal and restore Charlie’s skin very quickly. I use this product every day and since then my son hasn’t had any problems.

I wouldn’t risk using any wipes with any additional ingredients such as perfumes or parabens.

M&Y Mum&You. These wipes are 100% biodegradable and contain 98% of water, there is no perfumes or any nasty ingredients.

One response to “5 essential natural products for your new-born”

  1. Fantastic to get recommendations from a very conscientious up-to-date mum who has gone to great lengths to avoid the disgraceful toxic ingredients found in many baby products. She has succeeded in finding products that are natural, gentle and effective.


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