Body – mind connection, why it matters?

Recently, I have become very interested how our thoughts, emotions and environment affect our health. The book, The Biology of Belief  is a game changer presenting a new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, describes the precise molecular pathways through which this occurs.

To find out more, I approached Agnieszka Kubica, neurological physiotherapist to share her views about a body – mind connection.

AS: Agnieszka does body – mind connections matters?

In my practice, I have been observing the strong body-mind connection. In the nutshell, it presents the state of your mind reflecting into your physical body. It is quite a popular thoughts process in the therapy as well as other healing modalities. If you wish to gain an insight I would recommend the following book:

For example, the emotional tension could result in tightness in your neck what could indicate the restricted point of view on the current matters, common back pains are more related with overall emotional stress linked with work, financial difficulties or your attitude to your role fulfilled in your social circles. This additional interpretation allows me to guide my clients to explore other ways of improving their conditions besides physical therapy.

As we are well, and things are flowing through our regular life it is rare to stop and think about changing anything. However, when there is any dis-ease in our body it captures our attention.  Sometimes it could be short-term discomfort in a body part, headache or feeling not yourself. Those signals are just your body calls for you to explore and address to restore the balance between activities and rest, nourishment and indulgence, relaxation and focus. I am a great fan of Louise’s Hay work to embrace our emotional health by paying attention to our thoughts processing as they are the starting point of all diseases.

AS: Agnieszka, who seek your help?

My mainstream group are the suffers after strokes, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and other nervous system illnesses. However, as we all have a nervous system it is beneficial to look at any public member with that deepen physiological insight to support with common problems such as shoulder injuries. It is quite commonly linked with muscles imbalance and dysfunctional muscles activation during repeated activities. Therefore, restoring the correct muscles cooperation is the solution and prevention of future issues.

I have become a physiotherapist as I wish to support people with restoring their physical health. Later in my training, I got fascinated by the neurology and the scale of the improvement you as the therapist enable the patient to achieve by directed exercises. The bigger gain so even bigger satisfaction for me. It is the matter of enabling someone to be a stand, walk again. It is very important to see that direct functional gain for my clients as it improves their quality of life and emotional state.

Agnieszka Kubalica

Currently, I feel that physical health is only one of three pillars that need to be addressed to support my clients.  Second is the good quality nourishment to support the body with the healing process and the last and probably the most important is the emotional condition. The way we think about our body, ourselves, the treatments, achieved progress have a tremendous influence on the whole structure. The more positive and open you are to your healing process the quicker results I would be expecting. There is a substantial amount of coaching, motivational support required to support my clients through (quite common) long-term management of their severe condition.

EMMETT technique

In recent years I have explored EMMETT technique to support my clients. It is concept based on gentle touch in reactive points to resolve tension and enable the body to restore its innate comfort. It is usually immediate and very simple to do. After seeing my clients react so well, I decided to engage in training general public members – first aid for muscles – EMM – Easy Muscles Management based on Emmett Technique. It is one day course to teach peoples technique to release tension from the neck, shoulder, back, arms and legs with feet. All in all, 11 techniques to help yourself and your family – as crucial to know as first aid.

Within a very short time of the treatment, we observed improved body alignment, relaxed muscles and by then reduced pain.

AS: How to learn the EMMETT technique

Currently, we run the courses in Milton Keynes in Quaker Centre every 2-4 months and your investment is £100. The nearest is on 8th Dec 2018 and following one on 9th March 2019. The group is maximum 20 participants as we have two tutors supporting the group. Each person receives the manual and DVD with all techniques recorded for easier revisions. It is a mixture of theory, practise and discussions. Within this one-day course, you will leave equipped to deal with quite common problems and restrictions.

It is so powerful to have tools to help yourself instantly and support your family/friends. The technique could be applied to everybody no age restriction. As it is so gentle it can be performed even on newborns. When you address the dis-ease in your body on an early stage it is easier to resolve, and the healing lasts shorter. The wellness of your body is a precious gift and I wish that everybody pays more attention to maintain it on a daily base.

When you are interested and wish to obtain the registration pack please get in touch with me directly by email or call me on my mobile 07927 922304.

Agnieszka Kubalica is a neurological physiotherapist trained in Poland and practising professionally from 2008 in the UK. The mixed training background allowed her to have good insight in the profession and gained the best out of the two worlds – Polish wide overview of the techniques and applications as well as British way of specialising professional to deal with very specific problems related to clients’ groups.

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