Shifting Gears, how to use your drive to reach your potential and accelerate success.

We all want to know the golden recipe how to reach our dreams in the shortest possible time. Someone once said that a human being is always ‘work under construction’. You may be thinking that some people are just more fortunate and everything is just given to them, they don’t really have to do much in order to achieve everything they dream. Is that true? You might not be certain as you never know what battles they are going through inside. Every construction in order to be build needs materials, energy, lots of different components to become the real thing. That is exactly how we human beings operate.

How to build a solid ‘construction’ and what is needed to make it successful, these questions I asked Ryan O’Reilly, the coach who I have been very fortunate to meet in person a couple of years ago.

Ryan, why did you become a coach? What was the motivation?

I became a coach after burning out in my previous career. I believe in people and their potential and I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to coaching people to be better in their work lives, personal lives and to aim for greatness. I’m passionate about the discipline and I’ve just completed my MSc. in Personal and Management Coaching and I am really enthusiastic about how deep the subject goes into psychology. I am fascinated by people and everyone has a story. I suppose I am a potentialist in that regard, believing everyone can change or improve their lives or have an impact.

What is the common theme that always encourages people to improve themselves?

The common themes I see in my coaching clients are the following: lack of confidence, misplaced or lost drive, self-belief and also how they think cognitively and how that might stall them from moving forward. I believe everyone wants to improve themselves, sometimes people just get stuck. My role as a coach is to help people see that and assist them in coming up with a plan to move forward. The person has to want to change though- only caveat.

How to achieve the fullest potential?

Critical to achieving your potential is the ability to lead yourself. Self-belief is the one huge differentiator I see when coaching high performers. Self-Belief only gets you so far though, and having a purpose. A long term vision for yourself- something to strive for and twinned with your self-belief it will mean that you will get there and you can be or do anything you want to be. But you have to believe. Also critical is the ability to find that inner- leadership, some people never do because they believe their place in the world is pre-determined. Guess what? – it’s not!

What is your recipe to stay healthy and positive?

It starts with self-care. If you look after your own health it will have knock on benefits to your mental and emotional health and will drive you to help and serve others. Self-care has several key components and each one helps you show up daily as the best version of yourself. Strenuous regular exercise, good nutrition, hydration, quality sleep and rest, time on your own, time with your passions and reflective journaling are part of my daily routine.

Keeping positive is all about connection if you are connecting with people and the environment you are in the present moment. If you are in the present it’s very hard to be negative, as there is so much pleasure to be taken out of any given moment. Life really is superb.

Your most powerful quote that you live by?

 “As you think, so shall you become” by Bruce Lee.

I remind myself of that every day, when I burned out – it was my thinking that got me there. I was negative and defensive. I told myself I was battling against everyone – not very healthy. Since then I’ve thought better of myself and refuse to think of myself in a negative light. It’s tough but the alternative isn’t much fun- trust me!! So think of yourself in a positive way, don’t be too self-critical. The good way to approach life from now.

201711 O'reilly book

About Ryan: Ryan is the author of Shifting Gears, how to use your drive to reach your potential and accelerate success. He is a qualified and accredited business and executive coach and coaches business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals to unlock their potential and reach for success. Ryan is passionate about performance and resilience and is hired by clients internationally to speak at conferences/seminars. Ryan is also a keen marathoner and adventure cyclist.

You can also listen to the interview on Empower radio here

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