“Small stepping stones” Hollie Smith, a poll dancer gives her wellbeing tips

Today Nature without Limits talks to Hollie Smith, a passionate poll dancer who shares her golden rules on how to stay healthy and positive.

What always puts a big smile on your face?

I love teaching dance! It’s so amazing to see students develop in both dance itself and self-confidence, seeing students excel at what they never thought they’d be able to do and being part of that happiness it very fulfilling. I love my students, we have so much fun and laugh a lot during classes, everyone is really supportive of each other and there is always a very positive energy.

201707 Hollie Smith profile

The pole community is full of so many empowering women, they are supportive of each other, they train hard, they stand up for their beliefs and are mesmerising to watch perform. To name a few Olga Koda, Daria Che, Jordan Kensley, Cleo the Hurricane and Michelle Shimmy.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Drink lots of water! I drink 3-4 liters a day, sometimes I need to infuse it with lemon or cucumber to add some flavor. I like to eat healthily, if I don’t it really affects my mood and my skin. I’m a vegetarian which makes getting my 5-a-day very easy, but I eat A LOT! My base diet is made up of fruit, lots of vegetables, tofu & quinoa, I drink 4-5 liters of water a day. However I have a major sweet-tooth and LOVE chocolate & ice cream so it’s not all healthy, but everyone has their weaknesses and I’m happy with mine.

What do you think is crucial to do to stay positive?

Enjoy what you do; I hate going to the gym, pole dancing brings me joy, I LOVE it! Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, fad diets are an absolute NO! Rest when you need to. Accept your image hang-ups – everybody has them. Dream big, monitor your progress. BE YOURSELF!

What is the most beautiful place to visit?

The English countryside is so beautiful, I love being outdoors. I love being near the ocean, I find it very relaxing. I also enjoy walking around woodlands.

Your most powerful quote/ what keeps you motivated?

You may not be there today, but you are closer than you were yesterday” (No idea who this is by). I believe this quote represents that you are responsible for your own destiny, you may be taking small stepping stones but if you work hard you will earn the benefits of achieving your goals and dreams. The more effort you put in, the more rewarding it is when you finally get there!

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